Walking out into the night,

I see a quite familiar sight,

that of a man and his dog,

that of a man taking a jog.


Walking on my way to school,

I see something realy cool,

skating down the street,

a freshman I have yet to meet.


Walking into my home,

I see that what they say is true, that of Rome,

that when among those you are not alike,

act as if you are, so that you are liked.


Walking into my beloved class,

I see a face I neglect to pass,

the face of a girl that I really like,

but then I remember she told me to take a hike.


Walking over to my group of friends,

I see them talking about the latest trends,

all about this and that, 

all from clothes to someones glamorous new hat.


Walking into my room,

I see the truth that it's still too soon,

and although im part rainbow inside,

the truth is I always hide that bi-pride.



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