As The Sands Fall

As the sands of time fall
And collect in a mound
I stop and reflect
On the wisdom I've found

For every day is a lesson
A subject to learn
And by the end of the day
Priceless knowledge is earned

For example, I retract
Back to two thousand and twelve
I very dark time
Into the story, we delve

My mother had passed,
and i was in shambles
A mere 8 years old
The whole world had been scrambled

I cried rivers of tears,
And had run out of dreams
All that was left
Was a head full of screams

But growing, slowly, her death was my soil
Id learn and I'd laugh and I'd joke all the same
And I'd smile and speak and not wallow in pain
Just as I once had, when she still spoke my name

From grief and tears comes knowledge and wit
For to escape from pain, one must come to sit
At a crossroads, even, between before and now
As the sands of time fall, I wipe sweat from my brow

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