An Unheard Sonnet to My Beloved Joseph


United States
41° 8' 9.1932" N, 73° 47' 20.2884" W

Alas, I shall always be your "good friend",
But this confession to you I must make.
I no longer can pretend,
That you do not make my heart ache.

As I gaze at you from a distance,
I witness your undying affection for her bloom.
Regardless of my own persistence,
You shall soon be her own elegant groom.

I must say though, my dream in life has come true.
(Regardless that I ponder about what we could be)
All I wanted was blissful, happiness for you.
Even if it meant endless melancholy for me.

Yet loving you is the hardest thing to do
When I know there is a part of you that loves me too.


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