To Our Young Tired Grin

Dear Young Tired Grin,

I’ve seen you in my daydreams unaware of the reality of each day. Hopeful for the better, every time we wake with the sun, everyday as the darkness turns to hues of the beloved. The violets dance with the navy blue among the skies as a offering. I wonder about  those who carry the harsh realism of the world. As the oranges and pink passionately cheer on the fight, we put up with our daily struggles. To our brothers and sisters who face this dehumanization within a society built to oppress most of us; barely noticing the sunrise was for us to try for another day.

Yet, you grin at others around you on days tiring or the hurtful days.  Still I took it to heart that every time you grinned like this, your eyes showed the bitterness. Or how your eyes look hazed in confusion and pain. A inner fight of I know what will happen and how can I stop this from harming my own?  Your hands tighten with no one around to fight physically, yet you hold a defensive stance. But, The feeling despair around us seems thickly choking us out of wanting to silencing us for eternal existence. With the passion of our ancestors pumping throughout our veins, reminding us where we all came from. Making us push yourself forwards to better tomorrow. Wiping away our ashamed sense of being recreating our own being into an adaptable, bold, and charismatic person we are meant to be. The young tired grin we hold with one day be replaced into a smile of pure joy with no two faced emotion.

Because the reality will change for us when we stand up for ourselves finally recalling inner passion with our veins to defend our own. Wiping that tired grin off our own faces realizing the change we make can make difference even if it was by a little. Our ancestors will be with us as we create betterment for all and skies will watch as we smile for once more.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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