Political Indifference

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 01:07 -- Manny


United States
33° 47' 4.2" N, 118° 11' 49.5708" W

Politicians have made their career of public service
into an unjustified disservice
through decisions that have been delayed
or have still to be made
for we are the center of a joke
that has made us broke
As a matter of fact
these politicians have already turned their backs
and i'm tired of these political news machines
that our public always see's
and what's the point of being so critical
when this political system is already hypocritical
and your apology won't do in this modern day society
why can't they get that their mistakes
lead to the downfall of their very own states
what else is left in this nation that's still great
this never ending cycle of political hate
we also have a plummeting economy
that effects not only you and me but society
so what i have to say is where are we going to be
by the time they pass these policies
because that's the thing that will always effect you and me
that explains why ignorance is bliss
because some of these policies are like a straight up diss



My take on political action

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