Dark Death


United States
40° 33' 16.4952" N, 74° 16' 56.9496" W

Coal black attacks like razor knives,
And grips and rips your dreams good-bye.
It calls your name—oh countless lives
Have no known clue what myst’ries lie.

Your heart b-bump b-bumps with fear,
As sweat spills slow ice waterfalls.
You yelp for help, but no one near
Can hear the echoes of your calls.

You close your eyes and visualize,
A rampant, radiant world so nice;
But then you come to realize
The things which dreams cannot suffice.

And once again, your hopes decay
By fears that take your breath away.


angelic moments

I really like this. :)

Lavender Punkin

This was completely genius. It's so hard to write in iambic pentameter. Go you!!



The Bashful Bard

very gothic. nice work.


I really enjoyed reading this poem. Love the creativity and heart put in it. Thank you for sharing.


Omg, this poem is amazing it describes life so well, especially for the average teenager. I think we all feel this way. Thank you for sharing this!!

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