The Fallen


(I write for) the angel
with molten noir feathers
(his grace) that was taken
(and) his hunter's (love) letters

(I) write for the hunter
whose one greatest (sin)
was wanting approval
of his brother, his kin

(I write for the) blogger
with the emotional wall
who (lost) his dear friend
in the reichenbach fall

(I) write for the wizard
ordained from his birth
to (defeat) his wand brother
and be something of worth

(I) write for the teacher
who insanely (broke bad)
(and became) a (new) man
and lost all that he had

(I) write for the time lord
to (watch) suns die and form
whose cursed nature has left him
as (the) oncoming (storm)

(I) write for the daughter
of the masculine man
who (will end up rebelling)
over his mighty great hand

(I) write for the imprisoned son
who (did) kill the "sex toy"
all (because mother said)
boys will be boys

(I) write for the self-righteous
the cultured, the "smart"
who (hold firm belief)
that they're people apart

(I write) for the revolution
of the lovely oppressed
drawing out the heavens
(to) burst and (be blessed)

(I) write for the self-loathers
who have (wandered off course)
the ones who believe
they will only get worse

(I) write for the kindly
the obliviously dear
who see more than you think
if you just (lend an ear)

(I) write for the speaker
of quick silver tongue
the most honest of liars
(will go always unsung)

(I) write for the headstrong
the ambitiously vain
whose hearts (have been) hardened
and emotion been (drained)

(I) write for the dead
that (never) really lived
who (lost) their one chance
to (really), truly give

(I) write for the reaper
guardian of souls
that regards every one
but (would never grow old)

And lastly, myself
(she) that (feels) much
the one that is too weak
to speak (words) and such



Simply fantastic! I must say, I understood many of the references you used, and knowing so gave me goosebumps- you are a splendid writer, and your concept is ingenious. Wonderful job!

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