a untouched mind


I said I got to keep my head above water - James harden in OKC bring me off the clutch time in the 4th quarter - Its funny nowadays how people don’t want you to make - nothing in this world is free so I got to take it-  Got to get a scholarship got to feed the family- shouts out to the people who ran with me - always kept my head high never have it hanging - I’m honestly to smart to be doing all that gang banging-  the sun looking down smiling personification- honestly I feel I deserve this more than any one in the nation - I work 24-7 with an occasional vacation - it takes a lot of work and a lot of preparation- but you better believe Im going to do it  and nobody can stop me - I don’t want to live that life where I have to worry about where the cops be- I pray everyday because God gets me threw everything - kings blood running threw my veins so I like  watches and  rings- but don’t get it mistaken- worldly things  can be taken -think im going to be another statistic  you are sadly mistaken - just look at all the things our race has taken - we went from having gold, royalty and a warm place sleep-  just a few hundred years later we had shackles on our feet- I cant imagine the sound of that whip or traveling long  distances on a slave ship- the fight for equal rights did not come easy it came with a fight - but you have to remember to keep you vision insight -don’t worry if you impress someone show your might - q-u-I-t its just not a part of me - God blessed me to not taking it is just not smart to me - through this rap I gave you insight and knowledge I know all this and im not even a freshman in college-  instead of doing drugs pick up a bible give your brain a test - that’s all I have to say stay humble and be blessed . 
sincerly - Jibril stapleton 
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