Pool Boy,

Pool Boy,

You were just a boy, sixteen years young - (blank) neighbor.

(Blank) demons derive from our paths crossing

when (Blank) was 4.

The day was hot, wearing nothing but the trainning bra and

underware (blank) biological dad mistook for a swimsuit he

bought (blank) prior that day.

(Blank) decided to put the suit on,

and drive around the block in (blank) Barbie Jeep.

The detailed patterns of the suit are irrelivent to you, but do you

remember removing (blank) bottoms after inviting (blank) inside and

luring (blank) downstairs?

Fully intending on driving around the block, (Blank) was interupted from

(blank) innocence, (blank) pure naive - untained virtuous self, stripped away.

You encouraged (blank) to do what you asked (blank) to, and in exchange - candy.

Worst peppermint mint ever.

(Blank) was later reminded, post molestation -

repeatidily to not accept candy from strangers.

You picked (blank) up by the armpits and lifted (blank) onto the

pool table.

Boy, this table isn't meant to be layed on.


You asked (blank) if (blank) liked it.





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