Fight the Fear

There is fear in the streets, tarnished in disappointment and remorse


We failed to follow life’s course, catching and releasing like a wild horse.


Fear of heights, and falling from tall skyscrapers—


Celebrities and their fears of fading from the papers.


Long nights of studying, stress caused by fear of failure,


Trying to justify our unethical behavior.


Fear makes a liar,


Fear closes in on you like wildfire,


It makes people cheat if the circumstances are dire— but


People disregard that their lies cut like barbed wire.


Fear possessed man’s moral compass,


Tampered with the navigation by using  a magnet.


Which way should I turn?


Fear makes us assume the answer is clouded.


Negative assumptions is where fear was founded.


Assumptions are figmented by fear,


And fear causes anguish.


So we must change our ways,


Leave the fear behind , and say what we need to say.


We must stop assuming and start asking.


Assumptions bring speculations,


But questions bring wisdom and closure.


So we must maintain our strength and stay away from temptation.


If we listen to this philosophy,


And we choose to follow it closely,


We will find ourselves progressing instead of digressing, 


Sprouting instead of wilting,


Grow strong and independent instead of tilting. 


Our generation needs to stopping running from fear,


And we need to stop telling ourselves what we want to hear.


If we fight it together, the end of fear is near.

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