My own mind

My own mind is playing tricks on me. Im able to concetrate, function in school & even maintain my social life

i was driving on the open road when a memory flew infront of me. We were happy, this isnt good, smiling & laughing, it getting worse, you kiss me.

i broke. My mind is lost in you, in us, in the past. My throat closes, i cant breathe. Why does this only happen to me? 

I know youre laughing i know you forgot, you choose to not remember, i am nothing

my mind may be fading, my stability along with it. 

I will always put on a face, take deep breaths an maintain my memories.

but in moments, like when im drivingn, before bed & even when i first wake up. Youre going to be there, slowly creeping through my mind. 

Youll continue to do this until im mentally inable to function. 

Please, erase the thoughts, the memories & the love.


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