History is Done-So Paint Tomorrow

Sat, 06/01/2013 - 18:03 -- Myther

Desensitized to failure
ignorant of the phrase "give up"
stubborn as hell
as driven as flame
on a dry, windy day
to speak
is to listen
to cry
is to feel
to yell
is to echo
to dance
is to try
to listen
is to know
that what has been
is what has been
it can't be changed
it won't be changed
history may be a mystery
but what has happened
won't change
despite the perspective
so get up
get going
change what you can
accept what you can't
history may be a mystery
but tomorrow,
the future
can be a canvas you own
a canvas to paint
but you have to stand up
you have to grab hold
and pick up the paint brush first


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