Tumblr Thoughts

I had to dig through my late night journals and old Tumblr posts,
Then recovered those old songs, and unleashed all of our old ghosts.
As I sat and listened to our songs, I remembered how much we’ve both changed.
Now there’s no-one left to blame, for I know it was only an infatuation exchange.
The butterflies I once had housed have all flown away.
And I guess that means there is nothing left to say.
A painful goodbye, never spoken nor explained.
So I sat in the corner, feeling like I was the one to be blamed.
I had a single wish and that was for all of your affection,
But you couldn’t even give me a sliver of your attention.
It breaks my heart knowing I wasted so much time on you, 
But honestly, how can one break a heart they never even passed through. 
I haven’t thought of you since forever and a day, 
And maybe that’s why I’ve found these words so hard to say.
Now that I’ve said my final piece, I’m feeling stronger than I’ve ever been.
So don’t you dare waste any more of my time, please leave my mind once again.

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My community
Our world
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