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You have the right to remain silent. More like the reason to stay silent actually.
Anything you say or are can be and will be used in not only a court of law, but throughout your entire life.
You have the right to an attorney, even though you will not need one because whether or not we provide you one, you will still be pleading guilty.
What is your crime?
It is not that you were selling drugs or doing them.
It is not that you are doing anything illegal at all.
Your crime is your color, your race, your gender, your ethnicity and your sexuality.
Your crime is being yourself.
If you are a black man it is always your fault.
If you are a Muslim you are a terrorist.
If you are a Mexican, you have obviously crossed the border and are illegal.
If you are a homosexual, I just don’t like you because you are different.
If you are anything that is different from me, you are committing a crime.
You have the right to remain silent. More like a reason why you should never speak.

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A poem to show that what a person is does not make up who the person is.

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