Some say it would be a hell on Earth to live alone--

That life wouldn't be worth living if it was only a one man home.

Others say, "Oh, I couldn't live without this or without that,"

Simply holding on to a phone, a picture, even a hat. 

As for me, I don't think it's the tangible items that give my life meaning,

yet the lack of a voice or the lack of ideas would be utmost demeaning.

You see, I find no solace in thing or in man.

 My voice, my thoughts, my ideas are something that give me guidance and plans.

To have something worth sharing, worth fighting for,

this is what's necessary, this is what must be kept pure.

 Just the thought of living without thought,

no beliefs, no opinion, no yearn to boycott, 

makes me feel hopeless and afraid.

Something that I cannot live without, that would make my life seem mislaid,

is a life without my opinion and my freedom to speak,

the inability to share my thoughts would make my life bleak.

I yearn to share my ideas and to speak my thoughts,

to stand for something, to be able to say that I fought.

To think for myself, 

not to live in a box, or collect dust on a shelf;

To be in the front, to take the stand,

it's so important to march to the beat of your own band.

So, you ask, "What is the thing you cannot live without?"

My answer is simple and without a single doubt:

a life without a voice and thought

would not be a life worth living, by a long shot.



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