What if...

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 19:01 -- Aurum

Everyday when I wake up I think about the choices I will make ahead.

By turning on my light will I make someone else uncomfortable.

I work a job that could have belonged to someone else.

I see news about children that could have lived.

I walk down the street and I see someone who could have been better off.

I see myself in a mirror instead of anyone who could have been there.

Staticians say there are a range of nearly infinite choices in nearly every event. 

And that the odds of a single event occuring is so unlikely it is classified as impossible. 

Yet I stand here when it is nearly impossible for me to stand right where I am.

You there reading what would be almost impossible to find randomly.

Everyday I smile and I say it is impossible for me to stand here so let me see what else is possible.




Thank-you. I work hard at it and I am proud of it. The fact that you can recgonise that is incredible. I simply take inspiration from moments of my life or others lives around me. Thank-you and I enjoy your poetry also. You had a small( big) inspiration in this and for that I thank-you

Sincerely Legio Aurum Corona

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