The Hurt

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 23:35 -- adt4862


United States
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It hurt, you know.
The way you treated me.
The way you made fun of me, the way you hurt me, the way you talked about me like I wasn't there.
It was like I wasn't even human to you.
White horses don't shun the brown ones.
Then came the time when people began to try to change this hurt.
They stood up for us.
They treated us like equals.
They cared.
It surprised me. It surprised us all, really.
But I could see it was working.
And now, I look down, and I see a world that is by no means perfect.
But I see my great-great-grandchildren play with people they could not have talked to before.
I see people before who couldn't even vote, now holding positions of the highest honor.
I see equality.
And I see the hurt leaving every day.

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