We Are Diversity

We start out new,
innocent to the world,
free to become
whatever we choose.
We can make a difference
and stand out in the crowd,
and pave a way for others
who have a similar shroud.
We can blend into society,
and yet be important too,
from doctors to laborers
we all have our part to do.
We are different,
special and unique,
we can all bring something new
that can impact everyone we meet.
Diversity allows
the blending of cultures,
ideas and beliefs,
that can influence us
to be whoever we want to be.
It allows new and intriguing
points of view,
that can alter the way we think
and affect what we do.
It brings us together
by taking what puts us apart,
and blending it with what
we feel in our hearts.
Since every heart is different,
diverse in its own way,
Diversity can mean peace
if blended in the right way.


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