She is always Right...


Mrs. Right held my essay

The one I worked on for days

She slashed through it with her bloody sword

Declaired my words dead

Claimed that they made no sense


What she saw were plain words

Black on white

But she failed to see

The meanings they conveyed

The thoughts I intended


She never gave me a chance

To show what I mean

She never tried to see

And tramped on my endeavor


Who said she could judge

With her standard

Who told her to look

With colored lenses


She calls my diction wrong

I prefer different

My eye see a different world

My brain interprets a different meaning

But she's Mrs. Right

Only she gets a say


So there goes my grade

Another piece of my work

Another piece of me

Thrown into the dungeo of 'F'

Like a piece of worthless crap




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