God's Older Brother


When the earth was borne of wishful thinking

I sat behind the bar counter, drinking

I wondered why he’d done it

Why his thoughts had reached the summit

“Was it necessary?” I asked


“Better that than let a lifetime pass”


I drank away my bitter doubts


While he created with a happy shout


A world a man like me had known


Until I made it a war zone


The pain I formed was my own fault


And due to that I called a halt


I crushed it deep into the fiery depths


No more anguish, but nothing blessed


“For what is dead may never die”


I tell him with a solemn sigh


And with these words he looks at me


Smiles a bit and bends his knee


“But what is dead may never live


And has no love of which to give


What sad little things plague your thoughts


Death alone has got you bought


Pity, brother, how you think


Of life and love and shameless drink


Let them choose it, if they will


To love or hate or even kill


For choice is done inside the heart


Of that you play no greater part


It is not your choice to lay it all to waste


It’s not your job to act in haste


Let us see what they will do


Without giving any clues



For their will is free and theirs to take


And ours is theirs to twist and shake


For only they will hold the key


To the powerful depths of you and me


So a toast, my brother, to this blessed earth


Of which these humans now make berth


A better world than those before


Of mine and yours and endless lore”


And so he got me, now, I think


For to this toast I now did drink


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