In the Pages of These Books


I am leading a half-real life full of adventures and written words.

My life is as fragile and vibrant as these cut out pages but I hold my spine straight with my soul proudly printed and displayed.

A childhood spent half-animated with the magic of Hercules and Mulan and fully desperate to carry such magic into the other half.

I had the blessing of God when He willed unto me the love of a mother that never failed to bring me happiness--her ultimate act of motherhood being her extended hand that held my first adventure: Green Eggs and Ham.

And thus she gently opened the door to the rest of my half-life.

I have read constantly and ardently, grasping at more books while being weighed down by the shelves of unread books that demand and audience.

Countless nights spent housed underneath blankets illuminated by flashlight, creating a bubble only popped by the stern, unheeded orders of "Go back to bed, you'll finish the book tomorrow."

And now, after 18 years of futile parental parental attempts to have me in bed by curfew, the night is mine to have to adventure into the pages of these books.

I have seen Harry Potter save the wizarding world and have learned that our choices show us who we truly are, not our abilities.

I have fought Titans and monsters with Percy Jackson and learned to not underestimate our own strength.

I have been raised and shaped by the wisdom and imagination of a dedicated mother and by the words printed on these pages caught between my hands and my heart.

I have lived a thousand lives in the pages of these books, and I only hope to live 10,000 more.



Um from Umbridge

Marvelous. You tell the story of a reader with well-crafted truth, both the amazing and the wistful dimensions.

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