The Journey


United States
42° 56' 38.9832" N, 84° 1' 47.856" W

The night was thick like a nightmare,
The shadows lurked with fear,
The gentle wind felt cold on our dark skin,
Our hearts raced like a caged bird’s wings.

Our eyes set solely on a star or a faint light,
Our bare feet padded against the hard earth,
Our breath silenced by fear,
Our dark skin hidden in the darkness

Can we find freedom?
Will we make it to the end?
Can our life be lived?
Where happiness can thrive?

The Underground Railroad, our only hope,
To escape hell and live a normal life,
To run from the whites,
That are the devil’s spawns

The night was long and dangerous,
But our only time to run,
With God’s promise and the slim chance,
Of the light at the end of the trail.

Poetry Slam: 



I based this poem off of possible thoughts running through escaping slaves who traveled the Underground Railroad in hopes to find freedom.

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