The Broken Wheel

Lost in the shadows,

Confined to monotony,

Oh, what a curse!

What’s worse, there are things to be “learned” in this paralyzing prison.

“Learned?”, you may ask? Yes, “learned.”.

For learning should be fun,

It shouldn’t twist and transform the concepts of our ancestry into something vague,

Yet that is what they call “learning” in this society.

If I could, I’d reinvent this broken wheel.

And sell it to the masses, for free of course,

Because education shouldn’t have a price.

I’d teach them all a very important lesson,

The lesson is that of acceptance.

Everyone has beauty, everyone has brains.

But for us to see through a true mirror,

We have to reinvent this broken wheel.

Not only for the majority, but for the minority as well.


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