Disappointed Love

Love always leads to disappointment.
I’m crazy for you
Everyone can see that, but you
I love your voice
Love your smile
I think about you way too much
Knowing I’m not the reason you're smiling
The fact that you'll never love me back
All I wanted was a fairytale ending
You treated me like a princess
It felt so real, we were so close!
Tighter then a Rubber band
My heart in your hands
But you let it slip
Just looking at you, makes my heart race
Just by talking to you, makes my day
All I ever wanted,
Was for you to say you love me
The fact that you're in love but not in love
With me makes me want to hate you
I don't hate you, I’m just disappointed
You turned into everything you said you wouldn't be
It doesn't feel right anymore
I can't keep pretending everything is fine because
The saddest thing is,
I actually thought you were different
Hate is a lot easier to deal with than love
Especially disappointing love.
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