The Destruction

Thu, 05/30/2013 - 14:20 -- KaylaWJ


United States
38° 39' 28.368" N, 90° 17' 7.7424" W

The rumbling of the drums to the
gathering of the clans are
where we began.
Mothers and fathers together as one
uplifting their precious child.
Culture, visions, and lives all destroyed
by the opposite color,
as they take us from our homeland.

We came to America viewed as animals.
Beaten, thrown around, & compacted
like inhuman objects.
Why are we now the minority?
Why are we put down like this?
Why are we, as African Americans,
unable to be strong and mighty like we
started out?
Why has equality vanished?

Fighting for our rights is key
but all we have to do is believe.
Show the children of today, tomorrow
and the future the reason we
stand our ground.
Justice, respect, equality, and freedom!
Live up to the dream.

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