I love You but I love Me More

You minipulate me

made your aesthetic to be that of a devil's

I guess its my fault

Ive always been known to be a devil's advocate


You say you love me 

Three words that excuse you from everything youve ever done

because truth is I love you

even though im trying to love me more


Sacrafice means nothing if what youre giving up is wasted

Im discovering my self worth

Movies always skips the most important part

where the main character struggles to set theirself free

Where they prove that they are worth more than anyone bargained for



I am worth more than the scraps of your affection

I am worth more than passing moments of your happiness you choose to share

I am worth more than youll probably ever realize

I am worth more than  three words filled with emptyness

I am worth more than the devilish things you do because you "love me"


Ive chosen to love myself more

To  hold on to my self worths 

To no longer be scared of the amount of times I mention myself

To no longer believe your lies dipped in sugar

To love myself the most






This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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