Black and Blue

               Not many know what it feels like to be scared senseless.

                To be terrified of a person so much it leaves you breathless.

                To look them in the eye after they leave you black and blue.

                To fear the person who comes home and says “I love you.”

                Not many know what it feels like to be trapped.

                Being stuck with the weight of keeping your emotions capped.

                You can’t turn to anyone to talk about the pain they bring too,

                Because that person you fear most, is the one who raised you.

                Every hit, every kick every bruise and every fight,

                Makes me feel less worth and whether my place in the world is right.

                The black eyes, and his punches make me want to escape far away.

                To go off to a great college, that will promise a better day.

                The wait for that day seems to be one that lasts forever.

                In this home my passions are taken, and bonds will sever.

               With his alcohol and presence that scares me to death,

               What I plead for is hope after every shaky breath.

               All I seem to do is disappoint him.

              Straight As, work hard but his thoughts of me are dim.

              I pray to God that I can leave this place with subdue,

              Because I can’t stand another day beaten black and blue.  


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