A long list

There have been people who tried with me when I didn't deserve it and I am forever grateful because if they hadn't of tried with me, I would not be writing this today and I would be who I am. Dating back my fourth grade english teacher, Mrs. Harsh would believed in me. My sixth grade English teacher Mrs. Cottrell, who has encouraged me the most to pursue my love for writing. Mrs. Emmons who I will personally apologize to face to face one day, for loving me anyway when we both know I didn't deserve it. Ms. Schebitzer who pushed me and cared about my well being.
Mr. Engleman, who made me feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.
Ms. Fuentes who saw me struggling and did her best to make me feel okay.
Mary Katherine (and every mentor/teacher there as well) who ran a week long summer writing workshop where I met unforgettable new friends and gave me an experience I had no idea I needed.
Julie, Lo, Babette, Oliver, Emmalee, Liz.
A list of people who have helped shape me as a writer, a poet and more importantly as a person but there is one person who gets this spot light and shine, Wyk McGowan.
My slam coach, mentor and someone I consider a friend.
Wyk, you are not a holy man and you don't sip from a gold chalice.
You are full of past mistakes and a pain that can only be known first hand.
You saw me, when I was sure that no one could. You pushed me when I wanted to quit, you insisted when I didn't want to try. You called me on bullshit and that, is all that I have ever wanted.
I thought you were an asshole and I still kind of do but even though I don't always agree I know that you know more than I in this life and this journey I haven't quite started and I also know that, if you had not saw whatever it was that you saw in me, I would still be drowning, in those silent shadows, knowing how to swim.
There aren't enough words for what you have done for me so I will leave it here. I thank you, a thousand times,

Thank you.

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My family
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