More Than Just A Weed

I am a dandelion

Wild and free

Not to be noticed upon first glance;

It seems I lack the chance

To belong in a boquet


They look on in disgust

With selfish and hating eyes

For I am different from the rest;

One might even say



I am no flower,

But instead, a weed;

Something I was "never intended" to be

Despite this, I remain

I possess no will to cower


I refuse to stand

As something I am not

But I am neither

Weed nor flower

I am simply me;

Who you said

I could be,

Lest you



Plucked petals

And rotted head

Depict my broken pride

Born anew,

I am free,

I am most certainly



For I am the lion's tooth,

And I bear it dangerously

I am not your weed,

But rather the truth;

Exactly as what

I know myself

To be


A defiant seed,

I become lost

To winding breeze

Truly, now

After all these years,

I can breathe


Liberation from ignorance,

Liberation from pain;

I unchain my roots

From the belligerence

Of the garden

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