Black face Bamboozled


We buy our sterotypes off of tv subconsciencely we feed our ignorance without a black face and watermelon red lips but with a pretty face and round ass we've become americas number one pupets our sistahs aunties and mothers have been degraded to only sexsymbols our brothas uncles and daddies took the A train from the school to prison pipeline Pulling my coattail of reality for the days i hear her in the back of my head talking me off the edge...dont do it i have doctors perscribing me pills that force me to feel good when im not feelin me when these herbal highs i partake in got me spaced out all them shots of vodka that i try to chase my demons out with im a human first birthed into a world of sin and one strike against my character because of the abundance of melonin that cressed my naked skin bruised fingertips of my ancestors before the cotton gin and why yes America i am your bastard child your ' urban house development ' the reason why all you crackas of the government put these niggas in a barrel like crabs.. Scavangers bottom feeders...the reason why planned parent hood didnt work... These projects dont work... And when you muthafuckas put crack into our communities tell me how the fuck do you destruct the people that built your country forcing us to sing "my country tis' of thee" when the white stripes are beating me bloody as the red brusing the blues out of me and its sad to see yall falling for the wolf in sheeps clothing when all yall have the gun pointed at the wrong person dont shoot me.

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