please, no


United States
30° 20' 32.7228" N, 85° 42' 18.4032" W

BAMB! was that the door? I heard my heart thud in my chest.
my chest, so shaken up, my throat so hard to swollow.
clinching. my hands and teeth. just hearing the scream.
only words I speak, but only speak in my head.
they try to escape but too bitter, too sweet?
what's sweet? not me he says.
Filthy. Dirty. ROTTEN!
a disgrace, a shame.
why, who, and for what?
I have no one to blame, but,
myself is seeing the light
I try to hide
from the pain but only to find dark.
the dark is creeping deeper inside me
and I struggle, I scratch, I plead, I BEG!
please, no
more of the dark fills my eyes.
more of the light slips from my grasp
I want to find my way out.
harder to breathe now
harder to see now
harder to hold on
to life itself was what I wanted most.
to life itself
I cant' hol....

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