I Am


I am tamed and not wild

I wonder how the future will be

I am smart and hardworking

I hear laughter’s when I walk through halls

I see many bright futures but bad choices

I want to be at the top but I end up at the bottom

I am like ice cream I melt inside but can be refroze

I am like a turtle I may go slowly but I’m going to finish

I am tamed and not wild

When people laugh at my mistakes

I still walk around with a smile on my face

I am different in my own way

I worry about the children of today

I touch hearts uplift them with positives

I am like a baby

I get up when I fall

I say never give up keep going

I dream that the world will be equal

I am like flavors

I have so many personalities to choose from

I am like a battle

So many wars to fight 

I am tamed and not wild

This poem is about: 
Our world


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