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Life, what is it that you cant do to me.
What lessons, what fate is there that you are dying to show me.
My hearts stopped, my mind is froze, my legs are locked so do your worse to me.
Im losing everything that has ever mde me happy and honestly, its all on me.
But no Tavish still has to come first, let em go....all you need is tavish, Na.
You see im caught in hell, i've drowned in its sea, i'm buried in its sand, i'm left to only cry.


Your mind is so unique, it has capabilities that out measure any other man, but it is too good for your own well being.
you are so good at what you do that it always hurt you and everyone in its path, as you can see, everyone is leaving.
Your mind is full of love, full of happiness......full of lies.
The truth wants to come out everytime, you happy you dont need anyone else, but what comes out, lies.
Im done this time, i have what i want, i have what i need, but what comes out at every sense of temptation?.....lies.
Hearts poor, Bodys shiver, souls cry...but all that comes out, lies.
Im trapped....i dunno what to do. This part of the body is called, the mastermind of evil.

Do you see yourself? Your completely incomplete.
Never thought that could happen, but there you stand, once again, incomplete.
Arms strong and warm but no one is there so what are they?, Incomplete.
Chest firm, waiting for tha night to lay your head down on it, but your not coming. what is it? Incomplete.
Im trying, you may not believe me, you may not understand how can he try the way he lies, this has to be yet another lie, but i promise im trying.
A body without love, without comfort, without warmth is left dying.
I cant fight anymore im broken down, this part of my poem is called the enemy of love and tranquility.

You see my heart desires to be loved, my mind desires to be wanted, but my soul, a whole other story.
My soul has seen everything that has gone on and knows every solution possible, but the soul is trapped.
The soul is trapped within the mind, within the body, the soul is what tells you, i love you because deep down i really love you.
The soul is the passionate person that tells you that i am not trying to hurt you, im not doing anything, those that u have called lies.
These lies are the truth built around a wall of evil. As much as i try i can only succeed with your help.
See in order to see the soul, it must first be brought out...again this is me, the REAL me....there is no fake in me DO NOT mistake that with the lies that you think you have been fed.
Everything that i've told you came from my soul, and i meant it....but at the same time, my mind has commanded my body to do everything that it wants.
So you see if i say something, i mean it. Its there and it is strong.
I cannot express it anymore than that. this part is called the Protagonist.

The truth.
The truth is...i know in my heart that i am destined to be that happiness in someones life.
The truth is.....i want it to be you..
The truth is.....i've done wrong....but the truth is....i never meant to do anything to hurt you...
The truth crushed right now.....and sadly i know the truth is....its not gonna change anything.
Because The truth is.....your once you have made your mind up, its made up.....
The truth dont wanna be hurt....and the truth is....i hurt you.
the truth is..........I Love You.
the truth is...i dont want to hurt you...
the truth is....Im sorry.

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