Our Pity of Ourselves


United States
42° 4' 24.888" N, 91° 39' 50.1264" W

What is this force that wraps us in warm embrace?
Steel wrought chains wrapped around us, within the darkness.

Dreams of powerful fantasy, false hope, and finely crafted illusions
We struggle against the chaos, yet are lost within the darkness.

Can you hear that voice, the one that calls our names?
Can you not hear it echo down the halls though the darkness?

Shall we stand? Sprint blindly forward…?
Stumble into the light, out of the darkness.

Then steel turns to ash, and ash to nothing. Illusion turned to fantasy,
Hope turned to reality… as we rid ourselves… of the darkness.



Short little poem about breaking free from "self pity". Wrote it during a time were I was trying to turn my attitude towards life in a more positive direction. Stop making excuses and move forward is basically the message.

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