Nana's Pearls

In the midst of the garage rubble

I see you.

I hold your cold form and remember

The warmth in which I played

Around the room where she

where You once 


I trace the scratches on your side

and feel the shine of her smile

Holding me in 

Telling me that 

Those screams are not there

I smell the remants of 


Sprayed on your every curve

Dripped down like melted 

chocolate on the brownies

presented to me 

overpowering the taste 

Of blood in my mouth

From the hours she is 


Finally, I put you on.

All of you.

The glitz, the grime. 

The fear,

falls away.

When I see you here on my


Yes, you were gone,

but now.

Now you will always stay.

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