Somewhere I Belong

Sat, 05/18/2013 - 21:13 -- SergioC


United States
41° 50' 51.3528" N, 87° 43' 37.6032" W

So I been alone, left out of this world, without knowing were to go but trying to consider what is left of this world. Bad things happen while I grow in this miserable world, so many people try to take me as their own , they try to understand why I feel so alone but could not go on with all these things crashing against my soul. I don't know how much more I can take, can't resit anymore I think that I am all alone after all those years nothing has change at all. I learned one thing that I don't stand alone' other people share the fear of being alone in this world. Nobody understands what I've done. Nobody knows why I have this hatred for the world but it's the reason that keeps rooming in this cruel world.

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Okay ey bro tell me one thing, "How old are you?" This is not a dis question I'm just trying to help you cuz I been down your path and I think a girl hurted you it may have been child abuse but check your chinese zodiac what year were you if your the snake then love is hard for you if your the rat then you always want to be 1st place if your the ox then you hate childish games if your the rabbit then you hate child molesters and touchy bastards if your the dragon you're better alone in your path if you the horse then you just wanna be known if your the sheep you want to be home and live with friends and family if your the monkey then you hate being told to shut your hole or just wanna be popolo(popular) if youre the chicken then you hate bad hiegene if youre the dog then you hate unequility and if your the pig your very understanding and forgiving but hates criminal and slutty hoes or so and also, youre very gullible

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