So You're Thinking

So you're thinking about running

And it's less about the outcome,

the hardened muscles and lean body,

And more about the feel of wind

Rushing through your hair

Feeling the elements

As they pass

As it passes


So you're thinking about going away

And it's less about flighting from fear,

And it's more about finding yourself

Your heart beats,

As it passes

Let it pass


So you're thinking about chasing your dreams

And it's less about fame,

And it's more about passion

They're right in front of you

And as you run,

And as you climb

It passes

And passes


If you're thinking about running,

If you're thinking about passion,

If you're thinking about pursuing,

Stop thinking.

Start running.



Loved this poem! The end was especially impacting. Two thumbs up :)

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