Mirror, Mirror


United States
42° 52' 25.4892" N, 85° 46' 36.8976" W

Your grimaces, painful half glimpses,

Bring sorrow to every fragile piece of me.

If I should shatter, I’d cut your skin.

Make you remember you’re only human.

You used to smile at me years ago,

So happy before it had damaged your soul.

Your eyes have grown dim,

You turn and whisper ‘not thin’.

A bird doesn’t know of it’s elongated beak;

Only of the jubilant tune it must speak.

Blue jays and robins have their differences perhaps,

But who’s to say how the other should flap?

Your friends, you see, they all look the same,

Why would you wish to be them anyway?

Your inevitable eagerness to please,

This clear discontent will never cease.


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