JRobinson 28 Day Wrestling Camp


Some walk in all nervous

Some walk in all strong

I came here for a purpose

To show that I belong


The podium is mine to own

No one stands in the way

I will be victorious

The pride is mine to stay


I work hard all day

Get little sleep at night

People puke from the food

Don’t worry I’m alright


The college guys work me over

And turn me for a pin

I stand back up and ask for more

My mind is caving in


440’s every day

Rambo runs at night

Buddy carries and claw runs

Are not a pretty sight


There’s a 45 pound plate

Up above my head

Keep it there as I run

I think I’m almost dead


15 miles to get the shirt

It’s just an easy run

The work I’ve put in ‘till now

Will make the run seem fun


Blood, sweat, and tears

Over a 28 day span

Crushed my mind and soul

But made a brand new man


Some leave camp with THE shirt

Some leave camp with none

All in all I went to Hell

And I’m sure glad I’m done!


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