My Self Love is an Act of Radical Resistance

Sinful freak,

Why must you choose this torturous path?

  Forcing yourself

Into the wrong body,

eliciting the urge to tear away your own skin,

compelling your brain to despise

the flesh you were given. 


Oh creature

Why must you agonize

over the portrait in the mirror?

The ma'ams and ladies spoken by strangers,

The cards addressed to 

graceful religious granddaughters,

Year after year. 


Alas, don't you see?

None of this is voluntary. 

No longer will you agonize over this. 

For you are not in the wrong body, 

                                 young being,

and you are not the wrong person. 

Because, oh beautiful, wondrous creature,


You are still growing,

And always will be. 


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