The Flower That Blooms In Adversity


I’d like to think that I change often

Or, evolve often.

I become a brighter



Version of myself

 every day that I am alive


My heart and mind are constantly working

Finding new passions and curiosities

My hands are constantly scribbling

Trying to find the right words when I cannot actively express myself


I have lived through

Worrying where my next meal was going to come from

I have survived

Being the victim of abuse

I have overcome the crushing shame of not living up to unrealistic expectation

And the pain that comes from growing up and realizing

When one has to move on


But I am fire

And I am constantly burning

Blazing the trail and conquering fear of the unknown

My battles are fought with a grin as I grow more confident in my self

With each downfall, I learn determination is the strongest ally of all

And that my tragedies have only helped me learn


I am a loud


Fierce girl

I am an opinionated

Caring individual

Who shows no doubt in myself or what I can do


I am up and down

And sometimes going 90 miles an hour

I am loyal and driven

I will never let myself be brought down or silenced


I have embraced the comfort that comes with change

And also the fear

I have captured and held dear

That sense of optimism

Because that is what keeps me going


My never-failing sense of hope energizes me and keeps me moving on

My wit helps me survive

I try to understand what I can

And focus on learning what I don’t

I am a whirl-wind

A carousal of hair dye, novels, bad reality TV shows, and

A beautiful combination of my parents


My courage moves me

And I will not let myself be defined by bad memories

I define myself

And then I re-define myself

Because I grow each moment that I breathe

I grow, and I bloom.

The greatest flower is the one that blooms in adversity

And I am a lotus, 

A phoenix on the rise.

This poem is about: 
My family


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