Five (5)

I hate when you’re gone
It seems like you’re so far away
I begin to forget each contour in your face
The way you flex your jaw when you’re angry
The cologne you wear
Or if you’re even real.
The way you kissed me ever so lightly before you left this morning
My fingers twirled around your hair frantically
Wrapped around your neck
Grabbing for any fabric on your shirt
The belt loop of your pants
Just to borrow a few moments of your time
5 to be precise

The sign reads:
“Be back in 5”
Time is never specified, so we’re always stuck in a time warp
Where I’m never certain if today is yesterday, or tomorrow is 5 years from now.
You seem so…distant
When you’re so close to my heart
You’ve taken mine captive
And you find it ever so convenient
To run away and take breaks.
Swiper no swiping.

“Be back in 5” it read
To the non believer,
5 is forever. 5 is longer than an eternity, as in 1 more than 4 ever
5 is the number of temptations you lend to me
5 is the number of fingers explore every inch of me…inside and out
5 is the number of times my peak has been reached in your care
5…5 is how long you’ve been gone.
5 is how long you needed to be away
From me.

I stared in your vacant eyes
Glossed over and emotionless.
I wondered…
When will you back?
Do you plan on coming back?
You know what?
I’ll take 5 too.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

liked the concept of the meaning 5 

great work-i can imagine how it woudl sound if this were recited in an open mic series

keep writing-great job


I really like everything about this poem, I can't even pick a favorite part. Great writing.


I love all of the Emotion in this!! Great job!


wow I REALLY like this. amazing job :)


I liked the "as in 1 more than 4 ever" it was pretty clever!


This is a very beautifle, inspiring peace. Thank you for sharing it! :)


Use what inspires you

But always make sure it's sincere.

Like this, this is true. This is heart.

Never write just to be clever.

Ifeoma Onwuka

I passed this poem just by chance, but I'm very glad that I did.

Beautifully written :)


Hell yhea i know a guy i would love to tell the same damn thing!

Trademark Injustice

5 is 1 more than 4 ever 

the words hit me like an arrow thru my soul



Wow !!! I can't believe how amazing this poem is. I did not expect the ending too. I didn't even want to stop reading because it was that good. You smell that. That is talent. God bless your hands. In Jesus name. Amen. Keep writing on my friend :)


wow... the ending is very powerful.. well done :)


Adrienne S

Love this !! Keep writing (:


"Swiper no swiping" hahaha love that. isn't that from dora or whatever? anyway great poem, it's really good

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