Thank You Mom

Sat, 10/13/2018 - 16:38 -- Halah

What all has my mother done for me?

She's read to me, cooked for me

Made all my favorite food

And even when she was stressed from work, to me she was never rude


There are words surrounding "mother" all around the world

There's mommy, eomma, mama, even "Mommy's little girl"

We never had much money, but that hasn't stopped her yet

She's watched her babies grow up and eventually leave the nest


She surprised me in the summer with a ten-day trip to France

For 4 or more years prior, I thought I'd never have that chance

The trip was fun; I learned so much

About the culture, people, places, things...the memories I won't re-touch


She supported me throughout highschool even when I wanted to give up

In a way, she was my back-up

My go-to, my friend

I hope our relationship will never end


My mother has supported me all throughout my life

Even now when I'm learning how to fly

I'm grown-up now, and not so small

But even through it all


I'm still Mommy's Little Girl

And I know she'd give me the world

If we had the money too

She would travel with me until we both turned blue


She's helped me see the world a bit

From places deep in poverty to ones I won't forget

I see the world now in a different sort of light

It's one I hope to take with me when I first learn how to fly


I've learned a lot

My mom is smart

She's wise beyond her years

I hope even when she's old, she'll still hear me with her ears


I never will forget my mom; it's not something you can do

At least not very easily, unless you just don't have a clue

Of how special our moms are to us

And also of how much they help us talk with them to build a sense of trust


My mom has helped me through and through

She's supported me doing what I want to do

To make me happy

To go outside of my family


At least in the sense of breaking the norm

We're both sort of like that, we're our own forms

She and I, we're one of a kind

And I hope she doesn't mind


That I'm writing about her, to tell her thank you

And to tell the world how much I'm grateful

For everything she's done for me

And I hope one day I can pay it back fully


So thank you mom for helping me see

That the world really isn't what we say it to be

That people are people, no matter where they're from

And that the world is a valuable place for someone to learn from


Thank you for helping me love to travel

I hope this love for it never unravels

Thank you for being so kind to me

Even when I was a brat, you still loved me dearly


I hope one day I can repay you

To give you back what your love for me grew

The sense of needing freedom, and that I can't just stay here

That one day I'm going to go into the world, but don't worry, I won't dissappear


And thank you mom for supporting me

Even when I didn't fit "normality"

For showing your kindness all of these years

And for helping me to conquer even the most basic of fears


I love you mom, and all you've done

For the times we've laughed and had some fun

For the times we've cried over what's bothering me

When we both felt helpless and we couldn't see


How to solve the problem right away

But I promise I'll try and pay it back some day

But how can I? You've done so much

Oh well, I guess I just won't give up


Isn't that what you've taught me?

To not give up in the face of adversity?

I love you mom, and the times we've shared

I'll love even when I have gray hair


Thank you for everything you've done

For the things you've taught and the respect you've won

From all of us kids, they love you too

I can't say it enough mommy, thank you

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My family
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