Blink: It All Started With A Novel

All her life she had one dream.

The chance to be an inspiration,

Knowing that it will give her much relief.

She grasped onto one important novel,

Seeking words she's never seen,

And in her mind she thought;


"Curiosity might have killed the cat,

But it won’t kill me."


Each day after that she'd collect information,

On how to help people's frustration.

Guidance was what she longed to achieve,

Hoping that one day she could be,

The bright light at the end of the tunnel for somebody.

So each day she’d research in school

and she’d say to thee;


"Curiosity might have killed the cat,

But it hasn't devoured me."


Studies of the mind,

How brain waves and words collide.

No more seeking solitude for those who feel alone,

Just assisting one person could help them find their inner home.

All her life she felt secluded,

"No more of that," she concluded.

And so every day she said with prosperity;


"Curiosity might have killed the cat,

But it hasn't destroyed me."


Wundt, James, Lewin, and Freud,

The Founding Fathers of what profession this young lady longs to be.

People believed her dreams were fallacies,

So she sat back and discovered new found strategies.

Research and motivation are the two important keys,

That expand her young mind,

And allow the knowledge stored inside of her to be set free.

All and all, she agrees;


"Curiosity might have killed the cat,

But it hasn't wrecked me."


The time will come,

When this will all become reality,

So she decides that dedication to her studies is what she needs.

Just because of one significant novel,

It gave her all the stimulation to succeed.

To understand the theories of the intellect,

And influence those around she.

So with all the power she had hidden under her sleeves,

She exclaimed loudly;


"Curiosity might have killed the cat,

But that cat wasn't me."


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