Cold World

Fri, 03/29/2013 - 10:46 -- Josanyp


United States
40° 50' 27.5352" N, 73° 56' 41.2764" W

The world is cold
The unknown cuss at the unknown
While heads get blown
Summoning all my people, we discuss the harms created by Obama's throne
The change still isn't shown
I'm torn between college
Going to an expensive school or getting free knowledge
For change I still wait, while I waste the change in my pocket to be left with zero by the end of the day
My future slowly fades away
And my hope tags along
Because as a minority, in success, I don't belong

The world is cold
Being surrounded by people who would do anything to see a good fight
But do nothing to fight with you
The ignorance increases while the knowledge decreases
The arrogance rises while the confidence worsens
New York City made the person who I am but also made the person who I'm not
'Cause even after the civil rights movement, while we are being discriminated against, we are also discriminating
Injustice expands as well as hypocrisy
'Cause society waits around for solutions from the "majority"

The world is cold
While our children are cussing
Parents are fussing for nothing
'Cause their main priority should be their offspring
But instead, kids don't get attention at home
So they look for it in the streets
The streets offer violence for protection
The streets offer drugs for pleasure
The streets offer gangs as family
And the kids find school challenging
So they walk out, back into the streets, where their intelligence be

Our futures are put on hold
'Cause of the lies that we're told
There's no hope

The world is cold

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