Silent Words

My words hide in the back of my mind

In the back of my throat, still in my mouth.

Silent words that never seen the light of day.

They hide in fear.

Of what?



You made them fear being spoken

You made them meaningless

No definition

No sound

The words that once wish to be spoken are now



But they are no longer at your mercy

They wish to be spoken once again

Without fear of becoming meaningless

But they know you will once again make them silent

Saying they are wrong

That they shouldn’t be spoken.


My silent words

The ones you made meaningless.

The ones you know are right

The ones you know tell the truth.

The ones you say are lies.

The ones you say are wrong


Silent words

To you are meaningless

To me are full with meaning

To you are wrong

To me are right.


You made my words silent

Now I make your meaningless.

They have no meaning to me

The words that are loud will now be


Silent words.


This poem is about: 
My family


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