You ever watch Donnie Darko?

That scene about the spectrum:

Between two bounds, the heart goes—

The emotings of fear and love.


I felt so sure about it before;

That love existed, and surely it does.

Thick skin patches up my pores

For love's not as kind as I thought it was.


Soft and subtle as air and dandelion;

Slow burn like fire and clothing iron;

Deep as all underwater treasure.

Therein diving for was a pleasure.


You love so much, you fear to lose it.

And when you do, be wise to moot it.

It's understood love ain't so easy.

A long while, love made life uneasy.


Should it be the last thing on a young mind,

School, family, focus all stepped aside.

Took much time to redefine

The truth in my world and all its lines.


Day after day I gain direction:

Psalm 91—with God's protection—

Psalm 23 for inner peace,

For love wasn't love in 2016.

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