The voices inside my head keep calling my name

Making me look around thinking I'm going insane

I try to ignore them but they find their way back in

If this is war I don't think I'll win.


As I push them away they want to stay

I ask them for help when I dont know what to say

Close the door to my room and turn the radio up loud

Trying so hard to drown them out


Creating an entrance to come back louder than at first

Creepin inside, seeking temptaion, they quench their thirst

With my insecurities they seem to claim me more than before

As if I'm sinking down and can't find shore


I look in the mirror and can't find myself

My body is shaking, wrist throbbing, As my eyes plead for help

I don't recognize who these voices are.

Terrified maybe one day it'll go too far.


I've been underwater for quite some time now.

Thinking of finding sanity somehow.

Trying gasp for air, I've become way to numb.

I can't feel myself falling, at the beat of my burstin lungs


I open my mouth to scream, only silent crys I hear.

Nothing can reach reality when death is so near.

To hold on to the past is all I ever did

Should have let go when I could, instead I hid.


Behind the walls of every drug

I knew it before, I was way to young

Didn't matter then all I did was for fun

I needed to forget all I had done


You seem to hold on as everyone seems to let go

All there is left now is to put on a show


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