My first love


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I’m writing this poem because I thought of you
Sometimes I don’t know what to do
All I ever do, is think about you
Somewhere deep inside my heart
You always know how to make it start
I know we may be miles apart
But I know we never are
We’ve always got each other
Like no one can break us apart
I’m writing this because of you
Like I said I don’t know what to do
You know how much I love you
I know how much you love me
I wish the world can see
How much I love you
I think it was meant to be
No one can take away my love
I spoke with god above
He told me stories about my future
And you could possibly be in it
I love everything about you
I think I know what to do
You’ve helped me with so much
I love you a bunch
You almost complete me
The only thing I’m missing is you
Like all this was meant to be
You are my first love
Like you ‘re an angel from above
You maybe my only love
I’ve never had feelings like I do
All these feelings are from you
I think I know what to do
I wish we could be more than friends
Maybe my future wife
I need you in my life


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

beautifully written
i felt the words of this poem-it reflects on how much you deeply care about this person
great job in expressing yourself-keep writing

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