Forgiveness from the Merciful

I ask for forgiveness, I am not worthy

I have a lot of flaws, just like any other.

You are the great forgiver; I'm sorry

Teach me how to forgive others, 

teach us how to be more like you Jesus.

This generation needs you, 

this generation can be different.


The world has shown me violence, 

the dark side of your love. 

Your love doesn't bring pain nor tears

It gives us hope and faith.

When the world's leaders has turn their backs to you, 

You still help them and forgive them.

When Congress passes law against you,

You forgive them.

When there's war for vanity, 

You forgive them.

When the world stopped listening to your voice, 

You whispered "I forgive you."


The world needs you to guide us, 

to take our hand and give us love.

We need you back into our lives.

This generation has been to focused on other things:

Parties, Music, and pleasure.

You give us love, faith, and forgiveness.

Guide this great nation back to where it was, 

"One nation under God."

Guide our politicians to make laws for us, 

and not against us.

Guide this generation to become gentle to others

and not violent speakers.

Guide us Jesus, but most importantly 

Forgive us.







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